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About Us

Scandi-shop is a newly established Swiss company with local hub in Sweden, and the ambition to provide customers in Switzerland with the very best of what Sweden has to offer when it comes to delicacies and necessities. Famous brands and beloved products. A hand-picked range from fresh produce like new potatoes to canned classics like Kalles caviar”. Several times a year we will offer feast boxes based on traditional Swedish Smorgasbord-favourites
The initiator is Peder of Geijerstam-Lindberg, who has been living near Geneva since a young age:

”Even though I have been living abroad for almost 30 years, I have never lost touch with the Swedish food heritage. Many expats probably recognize the constant transport of Swedish specialties to family and friends. Maybe someone longs for Kalles caviar, someone else can’t live without Marabou’s chocolate and yet another person is dreaming about a genuine Swedish fermented herring party. What you miss is the flavours and the smells.
That is why I am opening Scandi-shop. So now all of us who long for Swedish products can order them through this website. When you have ordered everything you long for, the products will be picked in Sweden and shipped to your door approximately a week later. In addition to our regular range, we will offer feast boxes throughout the year.

Up until now, I have received almost 4000 suggestions for Swedish products! A selection of these can now be found in our range, which will gradually be expanded and changed.

Kind regards

Peder af Geijerstam-Lindberg

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